NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, utilizes tools and techniques to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

What is NLP?

- Neuro refers to the nervous system (mind), where all our experiences are processed via

the five senses:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic
  • Olfactory,
  • Gustatory

- Linguistic refers to language and other nonverbal communication

- Programming refers to our communication to ourselves and others and the ability to recognize and utilize the programs that we run to achieve our specific outcomes.

Let’s make this simple with an example:

Have you ever tried communicating with someone that speaks a different language and they didn’t understand you?  Like traveling to a different country, hailing a taxi to your destination and somehow ending up somewhere else.

Our relationship with our unconscious mind is similar to this analogy.  We often think we know exactly where we’re going and how to get there, and that we’re on track to better relationships, a fit body, more money, spirituality, great sex, but unless that’s what is materializing, then something is off-track with our communication with others and ourselves.

You see, your mind is made of the conscious and the unconscious.  The conscious mind SETS the goal and the unconscious mind GETS the goal.  If the conscious and the unconscious communicate effectively, you get everything your heart desires.  If they communicate ineffectively, you will continue to find yourself in unexpected destinations.

If there were one thing you could improve on, what would it be?

  • Make more money
  • Better Sex
  • Love
  • Better Golf Swing
  • Stop Smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Stop Procrastanating

Whether it’s something that you desire or a habit that you want to Stop now, it’s all possible with effective dialog between your conscious and unconscious.  It’s all just a matter of uploading new programs to your server.  NLP utilizes tools and techniques to quickly create change within and help you achieve your goals and desired outcomes.

NLP - $575/PP



Group Training, Individual Training, Office Meetings, & Online through Skype!

Whether you're already succeeding in your profession, having some difficulties, or if you're transitioning into a new position, NLP and Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy can help you achieve, maintain and enhance excellence.


  1. Module 1
  2. Sensory Acuity
  3. Kinesthetic
  4. Visual
  5. Auditory
  6. Wide eyes
  7. Module 2
  8. Interrelatedness of Sensory Acuity
  9. Meta Programs
  10. Contemplative vs. Action-oriented
  11. In time vs. Through time
  12. Once vs. Several times
  13. General vs. Specific
  14. Matching vs. Mismatched
  15. Internal vs. External
  16. Toward vs. Away from
  17. Module 3
  18. Strategies
  19. Metaprogram Exercise
  20. Timelines
  21. Lie/Truth Submodalities
  22. Success
  23. Module 4
  24. Personal Trance Words
  25. Magic Words
  26. Mind Model
  27. Module 5
  28. Kinesthetic Swish
  29. Rapport
  30. Module 6
  31. Motivational Meta Programs
  32. Timeline
  33. Logical Levels
  34. New Behavior Generator
  35. Module 7
  36. Logical Levels Exercise
  37. Words to Avoid
  38. Module 8
  39. Logical Levels
  40. Swish Pattern
  41. Godiva Chocolate Pattern
  42. Module 9
  43. The More Pattern
  44. Analog Marking
  45. Embedded Commands
  46. Anchoring
  47. The Don’t Pattern
  48. Module 10
  49. Energy
  50. Zip Technique
  51. Grounding/Rooting Exercise
  52. Compulsion Blow Out
  53. Reinvent Yourself
  54. Nested Loops (Chaining Information)
  55. Accelerated Learning
  56. Bonus Materials
  57. Meta Programs
  58. Sub-Modality Distinctions
  59. Strategies
  60. States (eliciting, anchoring, etc.)
  61. Buying Decision Rules
  62. Storytelling
  63. Language Directions
  64. Belief Systems Exercise
  65. Time-Released Commands
  66. Softening Phrases
  67. The Stop Pattern
  68. Forced Choice
  69. Auto Pilot to Success
  70. Sliding Anchors
  71. Drop Down Through Technique
  72. Healing States of Masters
  73. Eye Movement
  74. Hammer Exercise
  75. Virginia Satir Patterns
  76. Virginia Satir-Flex
  77. By-pass Words/Waking Hypnosis Words
  78. Awareness Pattern
  79. Temporal Pattern
  80. Spatial Pattern
  81. Cause and Effect Pattern
  82. Language Patterns
  83. Glossary